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The Long and Painful History of Attacks on Black Churches

Waking up this morning my newsfeeds were inundated with the words ‘Charleston’ ‘hate crime’ ‘mass shooting’ ‘on the loose’. I didn’t want to know what it all meant. I’m fatigued, I’m enraged, I’m devastatingly sad. Mostly because this isn’t the … Continue reading

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Dope: Bands, Bangers and Bitcoins

Tomorrow the Dope Movie will be officially released in select  theatres. I had the pleasure of attending an advanced screening last week and was very impressed by this stylized coming of age story. Dope is successful because it is a … Continue reading

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Black like me: the problem with Rachel’s identity

It’s been almost a week since Rachel Dolezal first made headlines for her race, or lack thereof. In the aftermath of Dolezal’s massive decade long lie two camps have emerged. Those who are deeply resentful and hurt by Doelzal’s fabrication … Continue reading

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