Musings on a Monday….

Wanting to write more I decided to take advantage of the note pad on my phone (despite the touch screen keyboard being a bane to my daily existence) and its suprisingly limited word count. Nothing as confining as twitter, 140 characters, who even?
Anyway, I surmised aside from quick notes to myself the note pad wasn’t well suited for much beyond short poems. As such I will write short poems and post those I deem worthy here for your viewing pleasure. Save your applause till later.

              Social ME-diums

We’re getting larger so we can be seen, Winking and smiling on every screen. Screaming  I’m here, see me. but our pleas fall silent amongst the likes and follows and pretenses and facades. Filterless, filtered faces fighting for fame.
Always first.
First to like. First  to comment.
Know my alias.
Know my disguise.
  ‘Cus your eyes,
Cant see the real me.
Not inadequate me.
Not techno unsavvy struggling to compete me.
So here you go world another social media page to measure my worth.
My KLOUT.                                   
MY meaning in this digital decade.
This neverending barage of being ON.
ONLINE, on facebook, on twitter, on instagram
But never on time.

P.S. The irony that I posted this online is not lost on me.

By: Georgia  Williams


About informedmiss

I am a multimedia journalist, Internet radio host, and Hip hop connoisseur. I am also very passionate about investigative journalism and advocacy. Its my goal to use this blog to keep people 'informed' on the urban arts scene around the world, with a special focus on Toronto and Canada as a whole. Literature is also a great interest of mine, I especially love poetry.
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