Black excellence reveals racial limitations

I often find myself defending Kanye. Not his actions because like this article states sometimes his actions are indefensible. I defend him because he is courageous, he displays a raw courage that is enviable. He champions the underdog -and himself- but isnt affraid to say the painfully obvious. He is unphased when labeled the bad guy and instead revels and pushes its boundaries.
This article makes a powerful point. Kanye  is labeled maniacal and menacing while someone like Beiber gets called a ‘bad boy’. They make excuses that make Beiber seem less culpable, “he is acting out”, “he is young”. While Kanye re-lives his past transgressions every time he sets foot ‘into white America space’. 
The idea of black excellence vs white medocrity is not new, however it is uncomfortable as it begs us to examine the demands we associate with race.


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I am a multimedia journalist, Internet radio host, and Hip hop connoisseur. I am also very passionate about investigative journalism and advocacy. Its my goal to use this blog to keep people 'informed' on the urban arts scene around the world, with a special focus on Toronto and Canada as a whole. Literature is also a great interest of mine, I especially love poetry.
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1 Response to Black excellence reveals racial limitations

  1. Wilson says:

    No beiber is labeled a douchebag.

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