Police state: The remnants of war

The events in #Ferguson are not only raising questions of police brutality, freedom of press/ ammendment rights, and racial tension; they are also exposing the growing militarization of America’s police forces.


When police respond to emotionally charged protestors with riot gear and K9 units they begin to set a dark tone that has now left the streets of Ferguson looking like a war zone.


Why are the local ‘to serve and protect’ police being militarized? 
As these articles point out the big bussiness of war has left millions of dollars of surplus weapons and gear. This is what happens when your most lucrative export is war.


About informedmiss

I am a multimedia journalist, Internet radio host, and Hip hop connoisseur. I am also very passionate about investigative journalism and advocacy. Its my goal to use this blog to keep people 'informed' on the urban arts scene around the world, with a special focus on Toronto and Canada as a whole. Literature is also a great interest of mine, I especially love poetry.
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