Sitting down with Famous

Before Famous appeared on my show I chatted with him about the interview process associated with Hiphop. Famous gave some insightful answers, and as always his personality was larger than life. We talked about his history and some of the things he is doing right now. He was excited to be heading to Texas the following morning to perform at this year’s SXSW festival.

Here is an excerpt from the story with some multimedia elements.

The music industry is a fast paced world where what’s hot today is old news tomorrow and fans are well versed on their favourite artists. This makes the task of interviewing musicians especially hard for journalists who want to have meaningful interviews that resonate with their audience while informing them at the same time.

The general consensus amongst interviewers and interviewees alike, is that proper, thorough research sets the stage for in depth and informative interviews. Ashton ‘Famous’ Bishop, a Canadian rapper who has been nominated for a Juno and MMVA says: “I hate when someone interviews me and knows nothing about me, it’s like just go to or you don’t have to ask me these questions, first of all I can’t even explain it to you in the amount of time that your giving me, so all your getting is general answers so you’re better off me saying the website a hundred times and letting fans find out who’s Famous for themselves.”

Fourth Biggest City By: Famous

Famous has traveled extensively to promote himself and his music. He thinks media overseas is a little more fun and flexible than North American press. “In America or Canada, commercial radio tends to ask you the same dumb questions that they could have just checked out on my bio, it’s like insert answer here, no one really gets personal or does their research on artist.”

“People have no idea the work that we go through as artists, Fourth Biggest City for instance, it’s a seven minute song but the emotion that goes into that song, the story of that song, like how the song was developed it’s a pretty interesting story, so it’s amazing when you have someone interviewing you and they point out a lyric and ask where was that inspired from, those are great interviews.”

Famous urges journalists to do their research, “If you’re not interested in interviewing the person, you shouldn’t interview them, it’s just going to be like every other interview, and no one’s really going to want to watch it.”

However, he does acknowledge his need for media coverage,

“At this point whatever exposure is exposure, so I can’t really be too picky.”

Famous also harnessed the power of the emerging social technologies and launched his own ‘I am Famous’ app for iPhones that allows fans to keep up with the rappers latest musical releases, upcoming shows and everything else you can think of.

“The cool thing about the app is it gives you stats on everything, so I get to see how many people are listening to one song and which songs are popular, which videos their downloading, which location a lot of the downloads are coming from and I use that stuff for marketing purposes to get a better understanding of what’s Famous’ target market.”

Typical Girl By: Famous

Needless to say Famous’ drive and charisma will continue to carry him right down the road to centre stage.


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