Top 5 dead rappers

Top 5 dead rappers

Yesterday (March 26) was the 17th anniversary of Eazy-E’s death, the Compton based rapper, and founding member of N.W.A dies March 26th, 1995 of the HIV/AIDS virus. And earlier this month (March 9th) was the anniversary of B.I.G’s untimely death, the killer or killers have never been brought to justice. Global Grind recently did a story showing the face of B.I.G’s alledged killer.

B.IG wasn’t the first rapper to be taken by an act of random violence and he was not the last. Part of the mystery surrounding B.I.G is due in part t the fact he only released two studio albums, Ready to Die and Life After Death, premonitions or warnings the irony of the titles became evident after the rappers death.

All these anniversaries got me thinking about the how rappers rated amongst each other from beyond the grave, hence, the pie chart above.

Tupac reigns supreme with 62%

followed by BIG with 48%

Big L the NYC native scores big also with 33%

Eazy-E is in fourth spot with 18%

and the late Big Pun rounds out the scoring with 10%

**score is out of 293 votes not 100 per cent***


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