UofT alumni opening for members of Wu-Tang Clan

Despite the cool temps, Toronto is a musical hot spot, many of us have always known that but the world and international artists are starting to take notice as well. Many huge names in hip hop are taping into our homegrown talent to open their concerts when they come here. It is a chance for our local rappers to gain valuable exposure in the market they hope to garner love and respect in, it is also a great networking experience.
Earlier this month Toronto based rapper Hardbody opened for academy award winner Juicy-J.

This Friday the tradition will live on, as Scott Ramirez an aspiring rapper from Scarborough takes to the stage with legendary rappers the Gza and Masta-Killa from Wu-Tang Clan.

“Eight years ago as a kid in grade 10, I was studying how emcees like GZA would rhyme.” Ramirez remarked. “Now I’m sharing the stage with him…that’s just crazy.”

Ramirez a member of UTSC alumni is a local celebrity around the Scarborough campus. Last year Ramirez, and two friends  decided to take part in the  lip-dub phenomenon by shooting a video highlighting the UTSC campus.

UToronto (Black and Yellow UTSC Remix) was shot entirely around the UTSC campus and features current and past students.

Besides rapping, Ramirez who is filipino -canadian recently shot a documentary exposing the struggles of Filipino youth in Toronto. With a hiphop vibe, the documentary is a look at a community that is prevalent in Toronto, but often forgotten about in mainstream media.

Flip Hop – Bridging the Gap documentary from Scott Ramirez on Vimeo.
When asked about the documentary making experience Ramirez remarked: “What started out as an academic project, became a narrative on the growing relationship between hip hop & filipino canadian youth in Toronto. It also illustrates the deep hip hop history in Toronto that not a lot of people see.”

 Regardless of the outlet it is clear to see Ramirez is brimming with talent and potential. To find out more about the concert checkout the Facebook page.

Next week veteran rappers M.O.P and Smif-N-Wessun will take over the Sound Academy (Mar 10).  No word yet if any local artists are opening the show, but if history is any sort of indicator you can expect a hard-working local rapper to be hitting the stage with true patriot love.


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